Association of Professionals of the Transport and Sectorial Services of Catalonia

Associació Professional Of the Transport i Serveis Sectorials of Catalonia (ToPROTRANS ) is an entity with an orientation to companies interested in a development of professional competitions of the transport by road.

It exerts the work of representation in front of public organisms, elaborating reports, proposing measure, contributing and participating in the preparation of normative projects for the establishment of an orderly regulation of the Sector that avert the disloyal competition, to guarantee a sure transport that contribute to his improvement and to the one of his professionals. In addition to these works, offers  an important set of services of formation. 

ToPRO TRANS formation, (Formation and practical Experience) in the frame of the sectors of Transport and Logistical. Our services span all the possibilities and to all the communities involved in the productive processes. From directors to personnel of operations, and in all the affine disciplines to his activities, from driving of vehicles, procedures of storage, until computer applications, telecommunications, new technologies, management of human resources, direction of squads, management of companies and managerial skills. ToPRO TRANS is a centre of formation of Transport and Logistical, with wide experience in formation of drivers of truck and coach and other communities related with the productive processes.

Have our head office situated in Barcelona in the Zone of Logistical Activities ZAL Port Bcn to promote the specialisation, with own and complementary programs to cover the needs of our students clients. We offer an integral service inside the following frame of performance:
  • Formation: Identification of needs of new professional and formation for the use; preparation and execution of plans of continuous formation for the development of competitions and knowledges and the promotion.
  • Design and preparation of means: design of methodology of performance for the information and instruction and his evaluation.
  • Consulting: Execution of sectorial studios and professional profiles. Organisation of Forums, Days and Congresses.

APROTRANS To the avant-garde of the formation. Our director Llorenç Antonio Vinaixa, endorses his experience from the year 1980 in the formation of drivers and of the logistical / transport, and the practical whole of his members and formadores have accredited experience in the sector, as it shows that from ToPRO  TRANS celebrated  in 2008 the first day CAP in Catalonia like matter crashes and new then in our country, in 2009 imparted the I course of efficient driving of industrial vehicles for profesorado of autoescuelas of Catalonia. Again from ToPRO TRANS Catalonia in 2010 make the first course of CAP continuous in Spain, by means of TMB (Metropolitan transports of Barcelona), agreement among Direcció General of Transports of the Government of Catalonia and ToPROTRANS , the aim of the course  was  the obtaining of the certifiado CAP to the students assistants of TMB, as besides also served like pilot course to level of Catalonia

ToPRO  TRANS is an organisation with pioneering initiatives in the formation of professional drivers of the transport


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Cursos de Formación transporte

Course to obtain the Professional Enabling of the Transport in Light Vehicles Catalonia “CAT”

I Announcement 2020 enrol open   professional Enabling for the transport of commodities inside the territory of Catalonia with vehicles of engine from among 2 and 3,5 tonnes of maximum mass authorised
Cursos de Formación transporte

Title of the Carrier Professional Competition / Agent of transports

I announcement 2020 enrols opened   Title of carrier professional Competition Agent of transports 
Cursos de Formación transporte

Adviser of Security Dangerous Commodities ADR

I Announcement 2020 enrols opened Title of  Adviser of Security. We prepare you to surpass the examination of obtaining/renewal  of the official certificate of  Adviser of Security for dangerous commodities
Cursos de Formación transporte

FOR - FOR + Adviser of Security

Formation of formadores Mercancias Dangerous ADR + Adviser of Security 
Cursos de Formación transporte

Course penalizing regime and loss of honorabilidad

The permission, at stake. The Loss of honorabilidad of the ROTT
Cursos de Formación transporte


The operations of help in road suppose an element of risk so much for the technicians involved as for the rest of users of the roads, while they are making said performances.
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